Do you want to try nanosaur on a simulator? You can start directly from this tutorial.

Before to follow this tutorial, install nanosaur desktop software!

Install simulation packages

nanosaur install simulation

This script enable and install all simulation packages to drive such a real nanosaur robot, but on Gazebo.

The script install in your desktop:

Install NVIDIA Isaac SIM

Do you want to jump on NVIDIA Isaac SIM? nanosaur is made for it!

There are two steps to do to have your robot on NVIDIA Isaac SIM:

  1. Requirements
  2. Installation

When is done, you can use Isaac SIM with your robot


Setup NVIDIA Omniverse nucleus

When nucleus is first installed, it will prompt you to create a user. Remember your username this is necessary for the gz-omni connector.

Create new nucleus user
Create new nucleus user

Otherwise you can follow the image below to make your nanosaur user:

Setting up nucleus user
Setting up nucleus user
  • User: nanosaur
  • Password: Chose your best password
  • email: your email

Run simulation

There are three simulations available for nanosaur:

  1. Gazebo
  2. Ignition Gazebo
  3. NVIDIA Isaac SIM

For each simulation there are different ways to switch on nanosaur

nanosaur on Gazebo is pretty simple, you need only to set up the script or follow the tutorials:

nanosaur simulation set
Set nanosaur simulator
Set nanosaur simulator

After that you can run the simulator only with:

nanosaur simulation run

Otherwise watch the tutorials:

  1. Gazebo/Ignition Gazebo
  2. NVIDIA Isaac SIM