If you want make your NanoSaur, it’s simple and you can make directly at home, you only need few tools and print some parts to buy.

If you don’t want print or you don’t have a 3D printer you can buy all parts you need, simple going on the buy page.


This table is your necessary needed to make NanoSaur. Few parts, starting from the NVIDIA Jetson, the PI camera, motors and the motor control.

If you are buying form other countries follow this list

Screw set

NanoSaur use a short set of M2 screw, you can buy a set

Quantity Part Notes
6 M2 nuts  
6 Hex M2 20mm  
1 Hex M2 14mm  
8 Hex M2 6mm  
20 Hex M2 4mm  

Expansion board

This last table is to build the expansion board to connect the NVIDIA Jetson to the motor control board and the 2 oled displays.

Reference Quantity Value Component
J1 1 jetson_nano PinHeader 2x20 - P2.54mm
J2 1 Screw_Terminal_01x02 Terminal block 1x02 - 2.54mm
J3 J4 2 Conn_i2c_oled cable 1x4 length 300mm
J5 1 Conn_motors cable 1x6 length 210mm
J6 1 Conn_buttons cable 1x3 length 300mm
J7 1 Conn_01x04 Pin Header 1x3 (optional*)
R1 R2 2 1k Resistor THT 1/4W
SW1 1 SW_SPDT Slide switch P4.7mm

To build the expansion board follow this page

3D parts

If you want print NanoSaur, you should buy these spool. I suggest the Ninjatek TPU if you use a bowden 3D printer. Otherwise you can use other type of TPU.

Quantity Part Cost URL Notes
1 PLA green $15    
1 PLA black $15    
1 TPU NinjaTek black $40    

The parts to print are below


These parts are not really needed to build your robot, but suggested if you want speed up the NVIDIA Jetson or assembly the robot.

Quantity Part Cost URL Notes
1 Noctua 4x4cm fan $15    
1 M2 screwdriver $5    

Components to print

Well, you have all components, now you need only to 3D print the robot. All parts are simple to print but, need time to be done, below there is a short table with the average time for each part.

I recommend to print all STL part with:

  • Layer height: 0.2mm
  • Print speed: 50mm/s

Below the list of all parts, the time required for each part and the color suggested:

Quantity Part Material Time Notes
1 base_rear.stl PLA green 5h  
1 base_front.stl PLA green 1:30h  
1 cover.stl PLA green 1:45h  
2 slider.stl PLA green 1h  
1 pb_holder.stl PLA green 20min  
1 flap_top.stl PLA green 45min  
1 flap_bottom.stl PLA green 45min  
2 sprocket.stl PLA green/black 1h  
2 wheel.stl PLA green/black 1h  
2 track_print.stl TPU black/grey 1:30h Print speed: 30mm/s

You can reduce the time to print your NanoSaur, printing some part together. For more details go to the next page of this guide to setup and print with your 3D printer.