In this page we will soldering the motor control and motors and will take a look of the Nanosaur wiring.

Adafruit assembly

We should wire the DC Motor + Stepper FeatherWing Add-on following the picture below:

  1. Soldering all XT connectors
  2. Solder the electronic power at the end of the first row
  3. Solder the I2C connector on the second row
Assembly nanosaur power bank Mount XT-04 connectors Mount I2C connectors
Assembly adafruit motor controller

The pinout of the DC Motor + Stepper FeatherWing Add-on will be the picture below

Adafruit DC Motor pintout
Adafruit DC Motor pintout

Motor wiring

To soldering the motors you need to pay attention to the (+) symbol on the rear motor cover. You can wire the motors use a part of the 30cm flat ribbon cable that you use to assembly the Nanosaur expansion board PCB

Symbol Color Length
+ red 90mm
  brown 90mm

The motor will look like the last picture in this gallery

Motor detail (+) symbol Motor with cable
Motor wiring steps

Nanosaur wiring

The nanosaur expansion board connect the NVIDIA Jetson Nano to the Adafruit DC Motor + Stepper FeatherWing Add-on and two oled I2C Display 128x64px 0.96 inch. Following this bullet list

  • I2C bus 0 (Pin 27, 28)
    • oled right
  • I2C bus 1 (Pin 3, 5)
    • oled left
    • adafruit motor control
  • 2 custom buttons
    • GPIO Pin 31
    • GPIO Pin 33

A schematic output has this output: