Now NanoSaur is almost done! You need only to setup the MicroSD card and start your robot.

Format Micro SD

Go on NVIDIA Jetpack webpage and download the latest SD Card Image for your NVIDIA Jetson.

:warning: WARNING Please download the right version for your NVIDIA Jetson 2Gb or 4Gb

  1. Download the last NVIDIA Jetpack
  2. Download, install, and launch Etcher
  3. Click “Select image” and choose the zipped image file downloaded earlier.
  4. Insert your microSD card.
  5. If you have no other external drives attached, Etcher will automatically select the microSD card as target device. Otherwise, click “Select drive” and choose the correct device.
  6. Click “Flash!”

Hint For this, we’ll assume you’ve set up your Jetson Nano using the online Getting Started guide.
* Getting Started With Jetson Nano Developer Kit
* Getting Started with Jetson Nano 2GB Developer Kit

Etcher view
Etcher view

Connect to WiFi

If you haven’t already, connect your Jetson Nano to your Wi-Fi network.

Follow this Wi-Fi setup guide.

Install and run nanosaur

First step connect to your NVIDIA Jetson, update & upgrade the distribution and install curl

sudo apt update && sudo apt -y full-upgrade && sudo apt -y autoremove && sudo apt -y install curl

When your machine will be up to date, we can run the Nanosaur installation script.

:clipboard: Copy and paste on the NVIDIA Jetson terminal the following line

curl -o $HOME/nanosaur && chmod +x $HOME/nanosaur && $HOME/nanosaur install

Follow the instructions and reboot your board!