🦕 nanosaur is the smallest NVIDIA Jetson dinosaur robot, fully 3D printable.
In 10 x 12 x 6cm and 500g use only a power-bank and works in ROS2 is simple to build and simple to use.


:wrench: Make

If you read this message, you want build or setup your nanosaur. There is only a button to press and follow the guide!

let's go!


:school_satchel: Play

Now switch on nanosaur open your PC and learn Robotics with ROS2, study Artificial Intelligence and other. Follow this tutorial to start in this world



:star: Star

If you are here, you want know how nanosaur works, and if you want help me to to improve the project you can star and fork the nanosaur repository

:star: Star and fork!

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🦕 nanosaur is proudly part of :pizza: pizzarobotics community