đŸĻ• nanosaur is an open-source and 3D printable platform, designed to wander on your desk. With this platform, you learn the fundamentals of ROS2 and NVIDIA Isaac ROS GEMs. Learning how to use AI applied in robotics.


đŸĻ• About

nanosaur is an 🇮🇹 italian open-source project, made around NVIDIA Jetson and designed with an active community behind.

📃 The project

nanosaur quick-start

:wrench: Make

If you read this message, you want build or setup your nanosaur. There is only a button to press and follow the guide!

🚧 Let's go!

nanosaur tutorials

:school_satchel: Play

Learn Robotics with nanosaur, deepdive on ROS2 AI and other. Follow tutorials and courses to start in this world.

đŸ’¯ Tutorials

đŸĻ• nanosaur is proudly part of :pizza: pizzarobotics community